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  1. Go for Alphacool, they are pure copper, dont use anything else.
  2. As the title says, DP cable, I would like a good tip about 90 degrees angled cables? I have a NR600 w. ODD And their vertical gpu-holder But I would like to move the gfx card closer to the back of the computer, but have to have it 6 centimeters from the back, as I cant fit a straight DP cable otherwise.
  3. Socket 8, yes, and old lga 775, the amd ones are am2+. I even tried to find where II have my old amd K-6 3 cpus, but they might be stuffed away somewhere. Socket 423? you mean the "golden" pentium?
  4. This is the build atm, will post a pic after I get the reservoir/pump. Sorry for the bad pic with refections and so on.
  5. Hi, I'm the new guy... I have a small "custom" build, made from the alphacool aurora 240 and a bykski gpublock, and are waiting for an http://Alphacool Eisbecher D5 250mm Acetal reservoir incl. 1x Alphacool Eispumpe VPP755 V.3. I have looked on the internet, and found out that you can indeed run the pump in the reservoir at the same time as the built in DC-LT. I am just wondering at what speed I should set the VPP755 pump to.