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  1. Somehow the windows 10 camara app look a little more dark than usual. I have installed different aplications to compare, and indeed, the camara look different. I have manually reinstalled the camara app and updated windows Here is a video for you to see. cam.mp4
  2. just a question here, how bad can it be the power supply from a case/psu combo? (450W) for his pc of course
  3. yeah it is really good, I will try to convince my friend yo buy the old gpu. Thanks
  4. i know, it is for a friend, I myself have a old gpu, he didn´t wanted it
  5. Will look forward, like a gt 710? I don't want old hardware.
  6. I was thinking about that, but for the time, new hardware is better for my friend. Thanks.
  7. ryzen does not have integrated graphics, so I should buy a GPU, that means it will be out of budget
  8. i know, but that means i should buy a graphics card. so no..
  9. i know, but that means i should buy a graphics card. so no..
  10. BUDGET $350 dollars Best pc for video editing Option A: (image) Option B: the same as A BUT just 4 of RAM and a i5 7400 suggestions are welcome NOTE: I know I can safe money buying a case/power supply combo, But my friend wants this specific case. I know that for a video editing pc, the budget is too low
  11. do you recommend a motherboard/cpu combo?