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  1. To be fair I was very sceptical to start with, frankly when he offered me £420 I thought that was a wind up, then when he said he was happy to come and pick it up at nearly 9pm after i'd got back from the hospital I thought he won't turn up due to time wasters in the past or I thought if he did turn up he'd then turn round and say that he only had x amount on him because he couldn't get any more and would I take what he had, but he didn't do that either, so i'm pretty certain he was very genuine, which is a rarity these days... I totally get what your saying about low ballers with
  2. Aah okay, I offered to pay his petrol costs but he wouldn't take that either.
  3. I'm pretty certain he installed it in his grandsons pc because he seemed very genuine and the fact he did a 3 hour round trip just to get the graphics card and got here just before 9pm pretty much says it all. I'm glad I made a profit especially considering by now the 2060 rtx is 'ancient tech' when it comes to computer components but obviously it's supply and demand, because I wasn't greedy and listed it at £299.99 starting bid as opposed to some of the crazy buy it now prices on ebay, that's why I got £420 I believe, always best not to be greedy and like someone else said I'd have been equal
  4. It wasn't that the buyer refused to take what you call extra, what do you mean when you say he refused to take exra by the way? Just curious because I sent him a message on whatsapp after he'd left offering to pay for his petrol costs for driving here but he wouldn't take it, also the guy must have been about 60 years old that bought it and he said he'd installed it in his grandsons computer and that his grandson was over the moon with it, he seemed like a very genuine guy as well.
  5. I just sold an MSI Ventus 2060 RTX graphics card that I paid £329.99 for in March 2019, it's brand new, never used, because it was going to be part of a planned pc build but health issues stopped that so it's just been sat in its box for over 2 years so I put it on ebay on friday and someone saw it and offered me £420 for it as he was struggling to get 1 for his grandson because scalpers bought them all and were selling them for and getting over £550 for one... anyway I started the listing at £299.99 and ended up getting £420 cash for it! Making £90 and saving the man that bought it over £100
  6. I hope I've posted this in the right place but I just wondered if anyone could help, I'm wanting to add the time and date information directly onto photos so that when printing the date/time shows in the bottom right corner or top right corner and wondered if such software exists and what it's called. Thank you
  7. You should be more than OK running warzone on low settings with an i5 9400f and a 1650 super. It does recommend 12gb of ram so I would recommend you have 16gb minimum, the graphics card and CPU should be more than good enough, I'm pretty sure you could easily get 100fps at low settings but why play at low settings when it will look like garbage.. Call of Duty: Warzone Recommended Requirements Latest Graphic Cards CPU: Intel Core i5-2500K or AMD Ryzen R5 1600X Processor CPU SPEED: Info RAM: 12 GB OS: Windows 10 64 Bit (lat
  8. Oh right OK, well I may or may not use that case if I ever get well enough to actually build the PC in the 1st place, I only bought it because I like the Fallout games, it was more an impulse buy than anything, and I have seen some videos and the cpu temp and gpu temps aren't that bad, I won't be overclocking or anything so would hope that the temperatures are tolerable so to speak and with a decent watercooler it should be more than fine yeah??
  9. I think it will work yes but not at 3200mhz. One question though, why would you buy 3200mhz ram if your system only takes upto 2933mhz ram, can't you just buy 2933mhz ram that you know will work?
  10. Can you elaborate?? Where did you read that the airflow is bad??
  11. Aah right, okay, yeah I paid £329.99 for the gpu 2 years ago, had I known that 2 years later it would still be in its box unable to build the system even to this day I would have saved the money and probably got a 3060 today if it were even possible.
  12. ?? I don't need to pick any parts, I'm just asking how that system would stack up today 2 years on despite me still not being able to build it due to continued illness.
  13. Hi everyone back in March 2019 I purchased the following but sadly due to illness have never had the chance to build it and I just wondered how it would stack up today what with pc technology moving so fast, and what would you change any of the components for today?? All the parts are brand new and unused somewhere in my spare bedroom! Case = NZXT H500 Vault Boy Glass Windowed PC Gaming Case 1 of 1000 worldwide £147.99 Case fans = DEEPCOOL RF120 Quiet RGB Fan Three Pack, 6-LEDs, PWM, SATA, RGB Controller, Anti-Vibration £25.19 inc vati Boot drive = SAMSUNG 250