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  1. My mobo connections were 4 pins Unfortunately that one is 3 pins
  2. I think i cant plug theese cables, im going to seal up the pc now
  3. Hey, i dont want to fry my computer so i wanted to ask first, ive got 2 cables, my case is GT301 and the motherboard is Z390 MSI mag mortar I want to plug theese in because asus app wont see my case fans. Photos:
  4. I found a middle spot and im happy about it. 4.5 GHZ and 1.150 adaptive voltage = stress tested and it reached 62 degrees top. Idle is 39 to 42. Thats great for me And no ssd overheating or something like that, computer is running very cool. Thanks everyone for the help!
  5. I dont know much about overclocking. I only change core clock and core voltage. I think with the new bios there was adaptive mode - auto mode, which it sets the voltage it self. And this cpu is De-lidded. Only if it was a correct delidding. When i put this to 5.1 GHZ all cores runs at 78-84 except core 3. That core runs at 95-100. Sadly. I think ill have to run with this now. Unfortunate that i will never ever see 29 degrees again
  6. Im just reapplying my thermal paste. This was the contact by the way.
  7. Yeah, all set default but i noticed after bios update cpu were seeing 4.2 GHZ (Default was 3.6 ghz) i tried adjusting the voltage my self(1.0 core voltage and 3.60 core clock) still not bad but it saw 60 degrees.. I dont even want to oc it to 5 ghz because the computer starts to burn For example my m.2 spectrix s40g ssd saw 67 degrees today(its below the cpu cooler) So idk what to do.. I want to go back to the old bios..
  8. This happened to me after updating my bios. (2018 to 2020) my cpu would never hit above 49 degrees on everywhere and was idling at 29 degrees. But after i did a bios update, even on 3.60 GHZ it hits 60 degrees ish. I cant even do 5GHZ because it randomly spikes to 80 degrees and on stress tests it reaches around 95-100 What happened to my cpu? I always use it on 3.6 because my GPU is not great and doesnt need 8600K's full power. Specs: Mx4 thermal paste Reeven hans rc1205 cpu cooler GT301 case (4 fans) Gtx 1060 3gb 8600k 16 gb 3200mhz ram
  9. Edit: The front panel is now upside down. I think this will be better because it directly blows air to the motherboard
  10. Got it thanks, it will have 2 Exhaust, 2 intake in total, and i think it will be better to place the front panel fan on to the bottom, because of the case style, would it make any difference?
  11. Unfortunately i dont have clips. Should i put it above the cpu cooler? And which direction should i place, intake or exhaust
  12. Hello, ive got 2 fans at the moment, but i ordered 2 more fans and they will work at full speed always, i want the best cooling so i wanted to discuss the fan placing in here. Thanks for all the help
  13. I can but im scared to open it up again, it is too hard to unmount the cooler and mount it again. Here is the cpu cooler photos from outside, The reason i unmount this cooler today was the cpu thermals were too high, idling at 50 degrees and goes to 60 while doing nothing. But max temperature was 69 when gaming It is a 115x mount and also supports am4, my cpu is 8600K This thing looked cool and was so cheap($10) But it nearly broke my motherboard
  14. Thanks for the warning, i got real scared because spent nearly all my savings to this, it was 2 months old and im throwing this chineese cpu cooler to garbage. Time to get a cooler that uses screws(reeven hans 1205)
  15. This one right here, it was about to break but i noticed it, bended it back to its original position but it left a mark