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  1. I’am gonna build a pc and I don’t know if to get 3600MHz Cl18 or 3200MHz Cl16. They are at the same price and the cpu is 5600x. I saw some videos about this but it was for zen 2 and is the same for zen 3?
  2. Yes, but you will have to flashback the bios and because the mobo has a bios flashback button there will be no problem
  3. So will be ok the ML240L V2?
  4. Hi! I’m gona build a pc soon and I will get the r5 5600x and I know that at that price of 95$ I can get a better air cooler but this build is pretty much for asthenic and personoly I don’t like the looks of air coolers. I’m also planing in overclocking (bdw the mother bord is msi b550 tomahak which I know is overkill but a friend will sell it to me for 160$ and in my contry is around 220$) so will be ok the ML240L V2 rgb?
  5. Thx this is the one that I m gonig to buy
  6. Well on that post I was just making sure that the sp120 elite is same fan with the 4000x case fans and on this one I wanted to know the diference between sp120 and ll120
  7. So I just want to be sure that the 3 fans that the 4000x comes with are the sp120 rgb elite. Cuz I know that if the fans are not the same you can t use the same node(correct me if I m wrong) and I m gona buy the case for my new pc.
  8. Well on the tight budget the Matrexx 55 Mesh is a decent case and on PC garage is at a decent price too but I recommend some fans because the case it doesn't have fans and at 170 Ron you can fit some fans (apropo tot din Romanaia)
  9. First thank you and let me get this straight I can use the controller that came with the case only with the case fans because the case fans are not the same with the sp/ll and the rgb on the sp/ll can’t be used without a controler so I will have to buy a tri pack or a separate controler? Well then can I buy the same fans as the case fans? And is that dosen’t work then what is a good fan to use as exhaust around the sp price(preferably rgb)
  10. Hi! I will build a new pc and the case has 3 front fans (4000x rgb) plus the aio fans. I still miss the back fan and I have to chose a fan. I can chose the sp120 (new) or the ll120 second hand (box not opened) wich is at the same price and besides the rgb I want to know what is the diferece?
  11. In Eastern Europe (more precisely Romania) and the Tomahawk is 220$