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  1. i dont really play games i just want a device to watch my classes and do my homework
  2. Hi I am a12th grader and I have an early 2014 macbook air (it is a hand-me-down from my dad with a screen with green lines) and i recently saw that the same early 2014 model was on sale for $415 with the tag "parts only". I have been facing a lot of problems with my laptop it is running very slow and it cant run microsoft teams (we are still having online classes) and thats a big problem because recently my one plus 6's screen cracked because my neighbour's kid dropped it( I am not mad at him he is only 4) and now i cant watch my classes on my phone too so I have thinking of getting the new ip
  3. the problem is i live in india and we dont have computer recycling places here so if we want to buy an old pc we need to go to a store (ebay does not deliver in south india) and our state is in lockdown so i cant go outside
  4. i preordered the 24" m1 imac (dont ask me why even i dont know why i pre ordered it) so i can use my omen laptop as a server but there is no way i am going to game in an imac
  5. my grandfather was going to buy a new pc and give away his old pc but before he bought the new pc he died........
  6. it does not need to fancy just a boring pc i just want to play some minecraft and have fun with my friends
  7. i cant buy this one bc these days with 4k monitors are too expensive so if i buy a monitor it will be way more than my budget