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  1. Hello,i have a ryzen 5 3600 and for some reason,it goes up to more than 4 ghz,even tho i didint overclock,how do i fix this? The reason is because I keep thermal throttling,so help is appreciated
  2. Well i had a cpu change. Im getting a ryzen 7 3700x,Will i be needing a gen 4?Not to mention my rtx 3060 that im planning to upgrade to a 3070 soon
  3. I cant decide which one to pick, May someone help, Pc: Amd Ryzen 5 3600 Corsair 16gb 3600 MHz 1050 ti Crucial 500 gb ssd
  4. So my brother has a dell gaming laptop, he bought it a few months ago and it seemed to be working fine, however there was one slight problem, after several months of use with windows activated and no issue, he got the activate windows windows pop up. which was very odd since windows 10 was already installed with a license, so i decided to open the activation pop up and for some reason it showed me the error of "We can’t activate Windows on this device as we can’t connect to your organization’s activation server. Make sure that you’re connected to your organization’s network and try again. If y
  5. Well really faster writing speed is mostly better,but to be very honest with you you should just get a 1tb to 2tb ssd,not m.2 but just 2.5 inch,they will genuinly provide faster speeds than a hard drives now a days.
  6. A better cpu might increase your performance if you think you might be bottlenecked, either way that's it Also PLEASE DO NOT i repeat DO NOT buy graphics cards now from scalper's, not only are you spending double or even TRIPLE the price ,your also encouraging their behavior , Unless you won the card, that's fine, just dont buy from scalper's these next few months
  7. So cpu is problem yes?i mean I did not know bottleneck could be reality this bad,to guess i go buy Ryzen,thank
  8. Comrade,there are multiple factors for why hard drive make weird noise yes?i opened your video to hear noise but could not find any,this might be the fan,however if you hear a certain tick noise,worry not,it’s the cable connecting the Hdd to the motherboard,all you need to do is just replace the cable,even if it’s not the ticking noise I still recommend switching cables.
  9. (Sorry for bad English) This no troll,I need help,I have 1050 to,yes?But I also have shitty intel (r) duo 8400 processor,I do not understand computers but I need help,I think my system Has bottleneck as my 1050 ti is supposed to get 60 to 70 frames in gta 5 but for weird reason I can’t even crank 30 FPS,I do not understand Why And I need help,here is screenshot from MSI Afterburner of me running the valley benchmark of 2013 during its testing,please some explain,thank you