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  1. Laptop is an acer nitro 5 gtx 1650ti i5- 10th gen @2.5 GHz 8 gigs of ram (I’ll upgrade to 16 in the future) 256 gb ssd 1tb hdd mouse I’m not sure about the model and all (I bought it 4 years ago) but it is a dragon war red gear mouse and pretty cheap around INR 1500 (somewhere around $20) also thanks!
  2. I would say get yourself an 850W PSU or higher. The 30 series cards have big power spikes and your PSU might act weird during heavy workloads
  3. cool then wall outlet ones. Any specific models you have in mind?
  4. update: the TUF was out of stock and I ended up buying an acer nitro 5 since that was the only thing left with similar spec. It's pretty good build quality wise. Chassis, built out of plastic, has low deck flex and overall it's an 8/10. Battery life is an issue but it's bearable i.e not too less. @Anonymous_Yee @AnirbanG007
  5. I'm not really sure which forum this should go into but I need a ring/ ambient lighting fix that plugs into the wall for my laptop to film through my webcam. Need it mainly for online meetings and pre recorded presentations. I'm residing in India so my budget is 5000 INR (65-70 USD). Preferably I would need a light that ships to India. Thanks in advance!
  6. Hmm well I'll consider both options then. Thanks for answering tho!
  7. Yeah so in answer to those 1. 15.6" 2. Yes pretty much 3. Battery will be a problem moreover I would need 1TB+ storage so.... PS: Thanks for taking out your time for me! Really appreciating it.
  8. it does have 144Hz? couldn't find it on amazon but drop it. Also I would really love to know where is the TUF compromising in terms of build quality
  9. Including taxes cuz its over the roof here in India. you can play around with 2000 INR here and there if you like though
  10. Thanks for the suggestion but I have looked into it and have found out that it is more expensive, has 120Hz instead of 144Hz and has lesser storage capacity I think