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  1. About two months ago I purchased a ryzen 9 3900 for my rig and it worked until a week ago every time I launch a game recently it’ll just shut of and the motherboard light indicates a cpu problem, I’m using a fe 3070 and ryzen 9 3900 with an aio water cooler for the cpu with a 750 wat Corsair power supply I really need help I don’t actually know what to do this is my first pc update I have taken and put the cpu back and nothing changed I then swapped cpus with a friend and no change what else could it be
  2. So I opened the system to swap my parts with the old and it worked fine then I put everything back without closing it and it worked so something is overheating I just assumed it was the cpu and I bought it all in the winter and this problem only started a few days ago i have a Corsair case that is known for shitty air flow I’m also using the fan it came with Would a water cooler help or should I switch cases or is there something I can do in the bios to make it run cooler I’m new to this pc stuf and just started when COVID did
  3. I need help I just bought a ryzen 9 3900 and it keeps over heating, it was fine in the winter but now it’s Sumer and I live in Texas