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  1. I managed to install armory crate without the flickering (no msi software installed). The lighting pattern changed, but it says there are no compatible devices connected, so I can't change it. Also, without the msi software, I can't configure the other parts.
  2. Thank you, but as I said, the ram started flickering when I installed Aura. I don't know if there was conflict with a part of another program that didn't uninstall completely, but I don't know if I'm willing to risk it. Is there a chance of damaging the rgb?
  3. Hi, I recently put together my first PC, and I can't seem to find a way to control my RAM's RGB. I installed windows normally, updated it, installed the radeon software to update drivers, everything was going smooth. Then I installed Dragon Center and noticed I could control my motherboard's and my case's RGB normally, but my ram was struck in a rainbow puke puling mode. After uninstalling DC I tried Crucial's M.O.D. software and it wouldn't even start. Then I uninstalled it and downloaded Aura Sync, because I read some people managed to fix the problem with Aura. Once the installa
  4. Hi. I'm going to get a 144hz as my main monitor and I need a second one. I have never really experienced high refresh rate, so I don't know how it's like. If I buy a 60 or 75Hz as my second monitor, will it become uncomfortable to look at? It wold mainly be used for discord, pdfs, watching YouTube and hardware monitoring (maybe some browsing form time to time).
  5. Hi, I was looking to buy a rtx 3000 series laptop for around 1500 euros but I can't find stock of the ones I'm looking for. But today I found an rtx 3070 I could get in less than a month for around 615 euros. Is it worth it or should I wait for the prices to drop? I´m using a 2014 laptop with an overheating GT 720M that served me well for many years but can't handle anything I want to play. I know the situation is complicated right now, but most of the information I see suggests things are getting worse and won't improve until 2022. I would really like to game during my summer break.