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  1. Well... i finded ultrakill for myself Is there anything else that Funkie ain't reviewed in https://youtu.be/oRTh2aMgPY4 ?
  2. https://manpage.me/?q=dd https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Optical_disc_image DD is software (see man page) ISO is common file format for digitalized data
  3. I not sure if usb debugginw will work as PTP device (or you know how to wia ADB or like it get direct accses to camea as use-concted device ?)
  4. The iusse that i duno how to open phone as camera/capiture device (so i could just with key on PC do few photos via phone, not to just transfer those on PC via MTP or something like it)
  5. 1 - nearly any distro hawe packages 2 - then use KDE or code them by you own/ learn bash at least (bash simple AF) / uses plugins (as example i use plugin to generate abstract wallpapers lol) 3 - nearly all distrros now only 64 4 - Gnome - but it lacks of features ! KDE is most feauefull and easiest-to-use DE, more feaures only in DEs wich ou had to write by you own 5 - it's not distro's feature but a way's of you installing it / use GRUB or other boot manager wich will fok ou to win or nix 6 - Well ou better start from googling and chhouse what ou need more, easy to accses functiona
  6. Open you system sttings and check if you hawe corectly configirued keyboard pre-set Most likely it's incorectly autodetected or something else
  7. Any clues how to use phone conected via usb and set to PTP mode as camera on linux ? p.s. i am on manjaro with kde now, and tying to do someting with googling, vlc and/or capituing inside gimp/krita
  8. IMHOP on ali there also tons of scam or lo-quality stuf, so if you gona get something from it it must be something simple like some nosense things or primitive electronics
  9. Anycubic looks like hawe better noozle/accuracy/material support... but i not sure
  10. I would like to get 3d pinterr in next few mounths but i hawe now some iusses chousing between those two ( DEXP MGN and Anycubic Mega-S ) copmare link - https://www.dns-shop.ru/compare/?cityId=770&ids=1607294%2C1354857 Any clues wich one i should get ? I expect it to use for printing sutff for home/myself
  11. Many fast-paced taged games not so fast-paced... so that's an iusse locations look small for a truly fast-paced potential + dusk can easly be a way faste, especialy with those huge maps and some pickups like fast fire + there is side jumping
  12. IMHO blade&sould will look more fun to play, especialy with it's douges & dashes
  13. that's not about walking fast walking sim, it's about game beeng fast in first place, games wich make make you do 200 actions in one second and all those actions unique etc