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  1. Well, I can't since I'm in Europe, it seems
  2. hopefully it's just the first supply wave that's getting marked up, and the next wave of supply will be cheaper. i planned to get 5600g for my next build
  3. I want to know if anyone wants to buy something from lttstore and lives in baltics, so we can group up and each pay less for shipping
  4. That's the thing, there are only bad reviews that don't really tell anything. The best source are reviews from italian freaking amazon. I did some research and found out that TCL P615 is probably what i'm looking for, and it sells locally. Pretty identical to TCL series 4 at a quick glance. Considering how much reputation this particular tv has on amazon and how many people recommend this brand, it might be a pretty safe bet. What do you think?
  5. Why use more ram when you can use less ram? Using it for nothing is wasted ram too, and a bit of electricity as well. More available ram leaves more headroom for the stuff you actually need ram for, like a video editor or something. Sounds like an excuse for not optimizing your programs.
  6. I see people complain about RAM usage on gnome all the time, especially on reddit. https://cloudyday.tech.blog/2019/12/23/kde-vs-xfce-vs-gnome/
  7. Looks like win10 ameliorated isn't receiving security updates. While they say that you can revoke admin rights from default user to make the system a lot more secure, that still sounds pretty weird. Do you have benchmarks against plain LTSC? Also, garuda isn't that resource heavy, is it? OP should try some live ISOs and compare the ram/cpu usage between all the distros and windows builds.
  8. Ubuntu uses gnome, which is one of the most resource heavy DEs. Using that on low-end hardware is a bit funny to me. At least switch to KDE or XFCE. If you want minimum resource usage with some sort of gui - you can start using WMs. However, on a server GUI is not necessary - try going without it. As for "what program do i use on linux" type of questions, Arch wiki's list of applications is an excellent resource. See https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/List_of_applications#Cloud_storage_servers
  9. After looking at some reviews, I decided to buy a TCL Series [whatever] TV, but apparently, it's not sold locally in Europe or anywhere. I don't know where do I even look for TV reviews that do sell in Europe. Can someone show me some german review sites or something? Or include their own opinion on the tvs that sell on amazon.de? I am looking for a ~40" TV for ~300 euros. I just want it to be decent for someone who isn't a nerd about it and last long enough. TCL has been recommended quite a bit, and it might be pretty safe to pick whatever's the most popular, but i'm looking for reviews
  10. Good point, but these come with a 1 yr warranty
  11. Also, I plan to run 2 different m.2 ssds in raid 0. Will it work? How do i set it up? Do i need additional hardware?
  12. Budget (including currency): 400-500 euros Country: Baltics Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: The heaviest game I plan to run is Guilty Gear: Strive, aside from that - CSGO, TF2, Insurgency, Rocket League and other e-sport games. In addition, I plan to use it for very casual editing in kdenlive, and i might start using blender in the future. Some ffmpeg and upscaling as well. Other details https://pcpartpicker.com/list/dXQqt8 (exludes the Ryzen 3 5300G which will come out soon, around ~170 euros probably, total is ~450 euros) I've already got SSD's and R
  13. i know debian has an arm version. also there's a program to run programs that are made for x64/86, check out this video. one game you can try is xonotic, since it runs well on low spec pc's
  14. i'd reccomend manjaro for new users - it comes with plasma or xfce, which are more familiar to windows users, as well as the latest packages and AUR, which gives you easy access to freshest packages like proton-ge, steam, wine and so on, which might improve performance in games. also, gamemoded has helped me to get acceptable performance in games like rocket league when it runs through proton