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  1. Thank you very much, I will do this. I will include this info on my kickstarter.
  2. That is true and sad at the same time... That's why I 'm going kickstarter, all or nothing and hope for the best, in the other hand if my kickstarter fails I'll try to explore more options, but most likely I will abandon the project.
  3. 1) yes literally no idea how much will cost, but maybe possible for a rough calculation taking in considaration some details, that's why I m gonna set very high goal on kickstarter. 2) Very nice idea about copying a simple oplder game, thank you, I maybe try if I find the time. 3) Yes the game is a fully finished idea, the only thing missing are the money to start building it.
  4. yes you are right, but when I asked for contact info I meant something official like an email or something, not private information.
  5. Yes, totally agree with you on that! Excanging input will be very important.
  6. The project is not an idea only. Me and my friend have already developed the idea into details on how and what will be, I m just at a stage that I need to translate what we wrote into our language into english and then upload it to kickstarter. When you say work with me and not for me what do you mean, to give them equity?
  7. Hiring a studio would be the first option, but only if too many people back the project and give me sufficient money to go out and hire a studio to start working on the game at least.
  8. Yes, basically this is the only way of succeeding... Thanks for your support!
  9. thanks for the video and your iput, I am going to watch it.
  10. Nope, 0 skill to create a video game, I am an engineer though, but I work at merchant marine.. No skill related to coding....
  11. Thank you for your reply, so basically we have to launch the kickstarter get some money, start building the game, try to build some momentum and then IF the big guys are interested, they will contact us.. That's gonna take some time IF we are lucky and achieve our first kickstarter goal..
  12. Hello all, I and a friend are getting ready to launch a kickstarter for a video game idea we have, but before we do that, we thought that maybe is a good idea to contact with a big company first. I tried to find a way online about contacting netflix and got 0 results, so after a lot of searching I decided to take a shortcut and take a chance to contact them through their invenstors site using the form they provide, I knew it was a longshot and since it's been a while already I assume my form got filtered and discarded. Few days ago I also made a twitter account (I have no clue how twiter excac
  13. Hello all, as we know lg televisions have a setting called 'just scan' , this setting when set to on takes the input and tries to upscale it to tv's native resolution ( in my case lg c7, native is 4k). I recently found out that when I 'm using my console for gaming (xbox series x) if I have this setting to on or auto, because most games use dynamic resolution, that creates lag ( or should I say input lag), very noticable when playing online multiplayer games. That happens because the resolution changes maybe a lot between every second and the tv just tries to upscale every frame that