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  1. I don't know CSS, but I'm glad to hear you figured it out! Sometimes just asking a question gets you in the mindset to solve it.
  2. You might want to be more specific with your question and change your title to describe your problem a bit more, or add tags to get people who can help you interested (ex. I'm not sure what language this is written in).
  3. Most editors don't come with python installed, but as shadow_ray explained, if you already used python with another editor (and as long as you didn't uninstall python or change the PATH environment variable) it should work fine.
  4. You might want to try IDLE, it is pretty barebones but is very lightweight.
  5. Someone recently made a post similar to this, you might want to check it out: A low-end laptop will most likely do fine running any lightweight editor, I wouldn't install anything large like visual studio, though
  6. You can install anything to replit like you would with Linux since each repl has its own VM. I also prefer writing code locally, but it is a BIG help for some of my robotics team that use macs or can't figure out how to install all the java/gradle dependencies needed to build code for our specific robot-- because I can go in their repl and install it for them. I've also had multiple assignments and examples posted to replit by my professor for C++ (Can't say anything about python but I don't imagine installing packages is too hard).
  7. Found a (possible) fix! After about a week, my memory was back up to 70%. I saw on some forums that Razer drivers are known to cause memory leaks. Sorting processes by non paged pool, I found RzKLservice.exe had an enormous non-paged pool of nearly 4GB. Ending this process cleared freed up about half of in-use memory while I'm working on my computer. At this point I'm going to uninstall Razer drivers from my computer. Forum also finding Razer drivers leaking memory
  8. I've disabled windows update and will check in a week if it's still leaking
  9. Just ran a windows update 30 mins ago to temp fix the high RAM usage
  10. Over the past months, I've had issues with my computer running low on available RAM and slowly becoming more sluggish as time passes (a period of days to weeks). A temporary fix is to restart my computer, which lowers the used RAM to a level that I think is more normal. I replaced an old set of RAM a while ago because of issues with an entire stick being reserved for hardware (not sure what the issue was, but using a new set seemed to fix that issue). Additionally I updated my drivers about a month ago because of audio driver failures, but some of the front USB ports aren't recognized (has bee
  11. Im almost done with my second semester of CS. My first semester was python, and currently my second semester is C++. I would say Python is much more beginner friendly, but C++ does a much better job at exposing you to how computer languages function. I would say get in touch with your professors and ask them, since they probably can give you much better advice about your classes.
  12. It looks like the source SDK is free for all steam users. I don't think this means that you will be able to sell a game on the market without paying a licensing fee or make a completely standalone executable, but you can use the software development kit to piggyback your content on existing source games. EDIT: Found the licence
  13. Java will run on anything as long as the system has JVM support.