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  1. Are you willing to go second hand? Or are you sticking to new? For peripherals do you want a mechanical keyboard and if so what types of switchs? Do you want a 144 fps screen or higher, any specific panel or do you want a QLED or an oled specifically? Do you want Intel or AMD?
  2. Sadly not currently because most of the heat sinks either melted or have some printing failure but I will try and post some later with some working ones on the forum
  3. Thank you for your suggestions
  4. Thank you for suggestions, I have been comparing it to the 50 dollar ones like the cooler master and I mean expensive as in relatively, for example the material cost for one of my heatsinks is 2-5 dollars depending on size and the only reason it's so inefficient is because I'm trying to figure out how to use heat pipes effectively and the fin spacing and length and width and it takes hours per and some melt, the plan is to make a High grade heatsink equal to the ones that would cost 5 or more times my one
  5. Hi, so I've built a couple PCs and u was upgrading one to have a better cpu fan and reliesed how expensive (for the best ones) they were so I was wondering why they are and my first guess is that it's a huge chunk of metal and the manufacturing process which makes them so expensive so I started my own little project of making (as the title explains) making 3d printed heatsinks by using a metal and plastic mix so that I can use a 3d printer, so far it's ok and able to keep a cpu not dying but that's it, I had a couple questions. 1)what cpu (amd Ryzen) creates the most heat. 2) best thermal past
  6. Low end i5, The case is fairly small compared to a normal case (don't know name) The PSU is 650W bronze (fan facing out)
  7. You could get second hand parts, I did that and saved quite a bit building pc's
  8. Have you ever upgraded your PC without a boot up issue or a function that just didt work even though the upgrade was simple
  9. Yeah so shorting the pins is not working, but when I short the reset pins there is a noise of it trying to do something so I think it is only the power switch pins that are not working
  10. So my pc won't start after I changed the PSU and the PSU works but it seams my motherboard front panel pins won't work, any way to turn on my pc without or troubleshoot them
  11. If tried, how do I fix the motherboard then
  12. The last one was non-modular but this one is