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  1. I did connect everything now when I booted on it shuts off then turns back on again and repeat. Any tips?
  2. I’m changing cases and there’s some cables that I have no clue where they go lol. Is a Asus TUF GT 501 and my mother board is Asrock 570X pro 4 I had a case that I got from Powerspec which I didn’t like so I got myself this behemoth lol. There’s a few connectors that the old case didn’t have I’m going to put the pictures there so y’all can see. in the first pic where do the pins go top or bottom? second pic is a cable that’s coming from the cables I connected in the back (Is in the video) third pic is coming from the cooler master itself. In
  3. Thank you sir, help me out a bunch!
  4. Is what she wanted. Talk to her about that hahaha
  5. Trying to do this custom Onepiece theme Gaming rig with my daughter. We're new to this. Its been something that she been waiting for. So since good grades are coming in I want to build something nice but not over the top lol. We need pretty much info on everything other then the GPU and Case. Thanks in advance guys. Budget (including currency): 700$ Country: USA Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Gaming Other details: only parts I have so far are our MSI GTX 1650 D6 VENTUS and for our case: NZXT H510i