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  1. Contacted MSI and one of the online tech support people said that needed a custom BIOS for my desktop rather than the one for my mobo. Problem is, I can't find support info for my Aegis R-055us on the MSI website. I guess it is customized for Best Buy or something. This is very frustrating.
  2. Tried the new bios for this mobo on lunch and still not showing up. Either I'm not saving the file correctly or I'm downloading the wrong one.
  3. @PorkishPig I have tried a few 1gb drives and a 32gb. The 32gb is the exact one used in the video I mentioned, a Kingston USB 3.0. I see that MSI put out a new BIOS file for April 1st. I am going to try that but it is just strange that I can't even see the files (I tried downloading and seeing an older BIOS file and it still shows nothing. It's as though there's a setting somewhere I need to change or I am screwing something up in the unzip/drive format process.
  4. @PorkishPig I have tried that several times. There is a Youtube video which shows the bios update procedure for my exact mobo and the darn thing just won't show up. It only shows a DIR for the USB then two dots instead of any files. I read somewhere that changing the file name to MSI.ROM can help, but it doesn't. I even tried the method where you boot from USB to DOS to flash but I can't even get it to boot from USB to begin the process. Thanks for trying to help!
  5. MSI Aegis Desktop MSI MAG B460M Mortar WiFi i7 10700F 32gb 3000 MSI RTX 3070 Ventus 2x ***please help!*** No matter what I try I cannot seem to update the Bios for the mobo or the vbios for the gpu. Downloaded bios from MSI (newest beta w/ resize BAR support, current one is most recent prior to that), unzipped to root of FAT32 formatted USB drive (less than 32gb), plugged into rear USB port, restarted/entered MFLASH mode aaaand the BIOS file never shows up. What am I doing wrong?