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  1. hello, i hope i ask on correct place, i am buying Asrock B450 Steel Legend for my build, and plan to buy Team T-Force Zeus DDR4 16GB (8x2) 3200mhz after some research i found that B450 need enable XMP to run 3200mhz RAM. because this is new build, i wonder if my motherboard could run this without enabling XMP 1st, since it would be suck if after buying the ram and actually i can't turn it on because the RAM is incompatible or something
  2. thanks i will keep that in mind for upgrade, i don't have much budget for it right now
  3. Hello i watch LTT youtube lately and found they have forum and here i am!
  4. Hello, this is my fist time i build my pc, i look at things and decide somethings, i hope you can help me optimize it Budget (including currency): my budget is around13M IDR or in USD around $890-$900, i bought all parts on my country Country: Indonesia Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: the main use is for gaming sometime light editing video using adobe premiere or something, image editing like corel or photoshop, and some office work. the game i would like to play are things like Monster Hunter World, Horizon Zero Dawn, The Witch