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  1. Thank you for the pointers ! This really helped me with reverting everything back and re-flash the 3080. Cost me 60$ for the GT710 I've had to purchase, kinda makes this whole thing a little bit funnier thinking about how much $$$ I saved by buying the KF CPU version 2 years ago ... Also, it was very stupid of me to assume that MSI had this whole process sorted out ... luckily enough there was a valid rom file for the gpu on techpowerup. Much appreciate the assistance.
  2. 9900KF z390 Aorus Master F11n Corsair 4x8 Vengeance RGB Pro MSI 3080 Suprim X So this seems like a very unfortunate situation which started after I've updated my mobo bios to the rebar support. Then, ran the MSI live update to download the vbios for the 3080, ran the file (162.exe), prompted me in cmd to accept, did its thing and rebooted the PC. No video signal to monitors afterwards. Windows boots just fine based on the sounds it makes, just no signal (not even boot screen) Tried switching the GPU silent and gaming switch and circled between all