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  1. I really want to agree with you. Maybe the one i purchased from Amazon was with 4 slot spacing and they sold me it as 3 slot spacing. I am looking at other places where i could get 3 slot spacing NVlink now but i cannot find any. Edit: Also i am trying to understand the meaning of 4 or 3 slot spacing. It seems to me that 3 slot spacing it means that there are 3 empty slots in between the connectors. And if this is the case then 3 slot spacing does not work for me because in reality there are 2 empty slots between the NVlink ports.
  2. That would not help at all. The gap was huge. If it would be that little i would try to loosen the screws and fit that NVlink. If i'd try to do that i would most likely just brake both motherboard slots.
  3. I got that one (last one, was sold to me as used) item from amazon and it didn't fit. From the same link i put into my post... It is in return status right now and we should see it back in stock at some point
  4. Hello everyone. I am getting very frustrated about this, please help me out. So i got this config in the picture below. But i cannot find NVlink bridge for it. Here is what happened, I got 2nd card with intention that i will doing SLI so i bought EVGA RGB 2-Way RTX NVLink SLI Bridge - 60mm - 3 Slot Config it came in and it didn't fit. It was too big so i returned it immediately and started searching and found what seemed that my only option is HP Quadro RTX NVLink High-Bandwidth 2-slot Bridge 6FY11AA It came in today and it is too small! Holy moly! lol (my mot