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  1. I obviously don't but I am not buying a brand new one. I am also waiting for some good deal, I am looking online for a used one or something by some reseller.
  2. Excuse me? the GPU is 1000$ because of a Silicone shortage in the world. It should normally cost around 400$.
  3. Hello! I am new here and I just wanted to ask for some advice for my first PC build. I have been moving around PCs for some time but I have never build one myself. I will be using this PC mostly for Gaming and Motion graphics. Are there any tweaks you guys would do? I want this PC to be somehow overclock-able and just squeeze as much performance out of it as I would be able to. It might be an overkill so that's why I'm asking. (Sorry for my english) PCPartPicker Part List Type Item Price CPU