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  1. I am not very experienced in ram and timing, when I increase the frequency which timing should I increase and what value should I adopt for them?
  2. i intend with the same configuration as mine Ryzen 3100 e gtx 1070 , that is 6664
  3. can I do something with ram timing or overclock and also some tweaking to the infinity fabric thing? , I thought I reached the limt of overclocking headroom of my system
  4. Hi I'm al Ltt fan from Italy , i'm 18 and this is my first time I post on the forum , after watching every LTT video on YouTube I build my system (R3 3100 overclocked at 4.6 ghz 1.35v cooled by an nzxt 120 Aio , gtx 1070 Strix repasted with kryonaut compound and 1.5 mm thick arctic pad on every memory module, msi b550 pro vdc-wifi, 16gb dual channel g-skill egis 3000mhz cl 16 overclocked at 3200mhz 1.360v and this timing 1T 16-18-18-38 , a Kingston sata ssd and a 550w corsair bronze psu). The gpu also is overclocked at 2060 mhz boost and 9150 mhz the memory, I did this aggressive overc