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  1. Thank you so much for your input. 1.) That budget is a rough estimate and I did forget to account for tax. So I may need to lower the budget slightly. 5a.) Would it be better to get a i7 10700k or a AMD processor(I know significantly less about amd stuff) 5b.) I'm now gonna get a NVME one. 5c.) Would this change if I ended up getting my hands on a 3070? 5d.) I will take that into account when I decide on a monitor. 5e.) I will probably just do that. Its dumb that just adding gaming in front of a product makes it more expensive
  2. Thank you so much for the imput on my build and for fixing some problems. As for answering your quesitons: 1.) I do have a monitor but it was from our families all desktop, Its a pretty old hp monitor. So I might be able to still use it as a second monitor for now but I would like a good monitor to primarily use. 2.) Yes I do. That total from the part picker list is like $400 off simply for the extra monitor options I put in there.
  3. 1. Budget & Location My budget is about $2200US give or take a $100. I'm in the US 2. Aim What is the system going to be used for? This Pc will mostly be used for pretty heavy gaming/streaming. 3. Monitors How many monitors do you plan to use? Do you plan to add more monitors in the future? What resolution are they at too? I plan on using 2 monitors. One will be the gaming monitor and the other is used for anything else. I want one to be a 1440p 144hz 1ms monitor ideally but those can be pricey. 4. Peripherals Do you also need to purchase peripheral