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  1. It seems i cant change my modem its using ipv6 address, and locked by isp, so what should i do? Continue to the next step?
  2. thanks for the input, i did that earlier, but it seems making my internet speed from the secondary one gone down, and reset my modem after that cause i cant access the setup page, should i try that again? or any other known solution?
  3. HI all, so i got 1 modem and 2 router in my house with a couple of LAN addons (STBs, and CCTV server), okay here is the basic layout of my internet network right now: ZTE F609, modem from my internet provider, only 1 unlocked LAN port (rules from my ISP), I connect it to my ground floor router (Pro-Link prc3801), and via LAN connecting it to my 2 STBs (barely on, we rarely watch cable tv nowadays), CCTV server, my upstairs router (Asus RT-AC1200g+), and my problem for past couple of weeks is the internet from the both of the router dead from time to time (random time), and if i restart both o