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  1. Three things I have to get out of the way real quick 1. I am using a computer meant for school, so it's going to be bad. 2. I'm using a Dell Laptop that isn't meant for gaming, so it's going to be bad. 3. This is going to be a long post Now, on with the entire setup with peripherals (with consoles and everything) Dell Latitude 3410 Screen: 14" 1366 x 768 CPU: Intel i3-10110U 10th Gen (Dual-Core, 4 Threads, 2.1GHz) [Edit: It's actually a 10310U] GPU: Intel UHD OS: Windows 10 Pro (At least it's not a
  2. What about (and hear me out on this); LTT x All of Minus World, not just Nintendrew.
  3. Fighting Windows to get it on the M1 Macs Or................ VR (Whether it be a Vive Pro or an Index or just a simple Quest 2) on an Intel-based Mac Notebook
  4. I don't need it, I was just throwing a thought out there. (Even if I needed it, I don't think there's a CPU on the market that could really take advantage of it).
  5. I know Nvidia is trying to kill SLI and NVLink but they put it on the 3090... which makes me wonder, "Will the 4000 series GPUs have some form of SLI?" What do you think?