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  1. After performing a bios update on my motherboard I have since had 0 issues at all. It looks like my motherboard was flashed with a bios at the retailer I got it from in order to make it compatible with the 5900X however they didn't flash it with the most up to date version. The only other things I have changed are disabling D.O.C.P and I am now using 3 8 pin PCI-E cables rather than 2 (with one daisy chained to fill 3 8 pin slots on the GPU) however I am pretty certain it was the bios update that resolved the issue. Give that a try before purchasing a 1200W PSU because
  2. Hi both, back again! I have changed the cable over so now there are three separate PCI-E cables running into the GPU, booted up Outriders and the computer restarted before the splash cinematic began. Have also now disabled D.O.C.P just in case it was that (as I was having boot issues because of D.O.C.P earlier), and have ran a CPU and GPU benchmark - both had no issues whatsoever. Really not sure what else could be the issue! The RAM that I am using was taken straight from my other system and it was working perfectly on there so I am doubtful that it's fault
  3. Thanks both, I will swap out the cables and update the thread if the issue persists however as it's not extremely frequent not sure if I will know by end of the day! Your prompt responses have been much appreciated.
  4. I am still using 3 8 pins into the GPU, but two of the outputs into GPU are from 1 input port on PSU - like the below screenshot (although 8 pin)
  5. It's rated platinum. Could it have something to do with me using only two of the PCI-E PSU ports to cover all 3 8 pin connectors on the GPU, using the stock cables that came with the PSU? (As they split into two 8 pin connectors each)
  6. Thanks so much for the quick reply! I doubt it would be a PSU related issue since it's a 1000W PSU so should definitely be able to handle the spikes. The only PSU related thing that I think could possibly be the cause would be that I am using the PCI-E cables that came with the PSU, the ones that split into two, so technically I am using 2 of the PSU PCI-E slots to cover all 3 8 pin connectors on the GPU. Is this something that could cause an issue?
  7. Hi guys, I built a new rig the other day, specs below, and it's randomly restarted on me 3 times now when gaming. It's happened once while playing Modern Warfare (was fine for several games then restarted randomly), and twice in a row when trying to boot up the Outriders Demo, specifically while the intro cinematic is playing. Not sure if this info is helpful but I can successfully leave my computer mining crypto (using both GPU and CPU) at full load and the temps don't go above 70° and it doesn't restart. Also, the first 2 days after building my rig there was a weird smell coming