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  1. ok, but do you think that there is anything to scale down on the pc to fit into my budget? I'm willing to scale down on some things, just don't lower the performance
  2. Why can't you buy a pre-built? It's often cheaper
  3. https://www.fiercepc.co.uk/custom-imperial-9th-gen-intel-based that is the PC, and I play warzone, some valorant and thinking about playing CS:GO my budget is about 990 eur or 1190 usd
  4. Hi. I'm thinking of buying a new pc but it was a little bit over budget, so i thought "do i really need an ssd AND an hdd? Please help me. I'm desperate. These are the stuff: 240GB WD Green 2.5" SSD and !TB Seagate Barracuda Hard drive
  5. wait, do you really need thermal paste/compound to a liquid cooler?
  6. hahahaha. I like that you spend 3000$ on a budget but you choose the coarsair k55 rgb lol I might be wrong but the computer seems a little overkill compared to the keyboard and mice. It might just de me, don't take me wrong
  7. I need a keyboard if possible a white one, I don't want to have a big, so im thinking of buying something like ducky one 2 mini, Razer huntsman mini. But the problems I have with finding one is that I want one with cherry mx silver AND I need nordic layout (I live in sweden) I was wondering, because i heard that you can just buy a keyboard and change the keycaps and the layout on the keyboard, but isn't that expensive? My budget is around 1500 sek/180 usd (including keycaps or what else i have to do with it to work) I would also need a mousemat and i was thinking about the coar
  8. do you know approximately how it performs in COD warzone at medium settings? Just wondering
  9. Thank you so much for your help, i will try to discuss it with mom:)) I actually don't know a lot about computers, but it seems to be fine, i will tell you if something dosen't work with my budget or something else
  10. Budget (including currency): 900$ - 940$/7000 - 8000 SEK Country: Sweden (Europe) Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: COD Warzone, Black ops Cold war, Maybe some Valorant, CS:GO And other similar games. Other details: I need a Keyboard, if possible white with Cherry red switches, for a maximum of around 100$/ 900 SEK. (not in my PC budget tho) I would like to recive a list of parts to use for my PC, or a complete PC. I would love if someone experienced would help me to do a list of parts.