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  1. Haha, I'll tell him that, even though he just won't do so. Since we live together, I can clearly remember his previous Windows 10 installation (20H2 if I recall correctly) being waaaayyyyyyy more stable than his current Windows 7 one. He even does not like Revi OS for some reason (for those who don't know, it's a custom Windows 10 edition with most of the software that is not needed being completely removed, like some UWP apps). It's just making him consider upgrading and gaining his system's stability back at this point. Thanks for your time! (Sorry for unmarking your solution. I'
  2. My brother is running Windows 7 on a 2019 Gigabyte motherboard (A320M-S2H) with a Ryzen 3 3200G APU. And yes, the drivers are modified to work on Windows 7 as the CPU and motherboard is are not fully supported (link here). The system runs occasionally into some problems, like BSODs during startup, but these are really sporadic, it may happen once in a month or two. However, after a long period of completely no issues, a new problem appeared recently: media playback. Audio and video cannot play at certain times with no warning at all, thus making the browser or player crash some sec
  3. UPDATE: I think I pointed where the popping sound comes from: near the CPU. Could the CPU just have gone bad, thus making this noise, or it's the resistors on the other side of the motherboard under the socket? I also found out that is makes a really low volume but high pitch sound in between the pops, like CRT displays did. Wonder what that's for...
  4. (Post copied from Tom's Hardware Forums, since they don't seem to replay to me after a day...) My relative has a Toshiba Satellite C50-A-19T laptop with an Intel Celeron 1005M. She left it for a bit, just sitting there with Chrome open. Then it decided to lock on its own and restart abruptly. 5 seconds after the restart it completely shut down and did not start again. I checked the laptop and started with simple things, like changing the CMOS battery (which is easily accessible, props to Toshiba for that) and draining any potential flea power (yes, I disconnected both the batter