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  1. I will watch this video, I currently have a AMD CPU without integrated graphics. Thank you.
  2. I'm not too sure what classifieds are, but I will do some research on that. On the topic of Quadro cards, I believe it will get the job done, however they are quite expensive. Furthermore, although my time will be occupied with classes most of the time, I still seek to do some gaming and I am not sure if Quadro's will suffice in doing so? I thank you for your response.
  3. Hello LTT community, I am an engineering student in need of a GPU, I currently bought all my Computer parts in order to build in preparation for my 3rd year of the study. I was aware of the shortages but many of my friends were able to secure a GPU, thus leading me underestimated the difficulty of getting my hands on one. The problem is that I gifted my current computer to my brother who is entering university this year. I was able to get a job over the summer so I had the money to spend on him to upgrade while also being able for me to finally build my own pc. The GPU I am seeking