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  1. I edited my reply, maybe more information?
  2. Can I do anything to bring it back? Like format it?
  3. Okay, booted into gparted and it shows me this, it seems it recognizes the drive has a problem, it also recognized the drive is unallocated
  4. new problem, m laptop alwas boots into automatic repair, even if i change the boot order and also, is this normal?
  5. Ok, I'll do it tomorrow, I'll use this as my only hope
  6. i found one at cnet, does it boot into the live environment or its an installer?
  7. im doing it rn, also ur pc spec hawt
  8. Can I do that with a USB stick? Sorry if I only replied now
  9. No, I meant that it still being recognized by windows and sets it as a boot drive but boots into winre, My assumption is that this drive turned into a format which windows doesn't support
  10. Maybe, but the drive is still spinning, but it boots into winre, it should be like "Boot device missing, Please insert boot drive". Thanks for helping Edit: also the said drive is the boot drive, it still shows signs of life, I don't wanna lose my data in that drive
  11. Hi! I have been trying to fix my laptop for 2 months, I can't seem to fix it. I can't access my laptop cause it's drive has 0b size in diskpart, and it doesn't get recognized in the bios, I tried chkdsk with no luck. Any help will be appreciated
  12. Your cpu is good for mid end pc, it's cause of poor optimizations within the game