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  1. Hey guy's! This summer I'm graduating from university college and want to buy a new pc. I know not enough about computers that I can compose one myself. So I'm comming to you guy's for help! I put together a pc in pcpartpicker, I think this is a good start but maybe it can be better? what do you think? Budget (including currency): €1700-1800 Country: Belgium Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: I want to play some games but it doesn't need to be ultra settings and 120 fps, I am a casual gamer! I do some music pro
  2. Hey guy's A few months ago i replaced my NVMe SSD (250Gb standard in PC) to a Samsung Evo 500Gb NVMe for more storage. The motherboard has two NVMe slots, I made an image from the old SSD (slot 1) end copied to my new Samsung SSD (slot 2). Then i replaced te "old" SSD in slot 1 with the new Samsung SSD, booted-up and it worked! Now I still have my previous SSD in a box and I want to put it back in for more storage, but I never erased anything form this SSD, it stil has the C-drive and what not. Now comes my question, is it possible to put my old SSD in slot 2 de