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  1. Also my internet keeps crashing and crashing. Any carrier suggestions would be nice as well
  2. I don't need the PC to work right now, after the 3000 Super series (idk whats it gonna be called), ill buy all the components for my build. My country is Latvia.
  3. Also I live in eastern europe, so finding components are hard. Shipping from the USA is also an option, but then I need to pay VAT and Customs fees.
  4. My budget is 1500$. I am using my PC for gaming, working, streaming, content creating and it simply being a universal desktop. My other components: 32GB of RAM, Waiting for the new NVIDIA graphics cards. Power supply and case is not chosen yet.
  5. Hello! I started to pick my pc components, but I could not find the best cpu & cpu cooler for me. Can someone help me? I need a cpu that has 8 cores (6 cores would be also accepted), fast and a new gen. The cpu cooler needs to be a liquid cooler. Thanks!
  6. Hello! My current laptop (Dell Latitude E7270) is shutting down frequently, slow, the storage is full and don't even try to open MS Teams and Google Chrome at the same time. I want to build a new PC. I am new to this PC-build-thingy, so I'd appreciate it if you could suggest me some parts. My budget is 1000-1500$ max. I will be using the PC for gaming, studying, video editing, streaming and pretty much using it as a universal desktop. I know asus is a good brand, but nothing else. It would also help if you would suggest a monitor in that budget with the PC as well. Tha