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  1. I did not know about it . First ryzen cpu here . I'll have a look . Thanks
  2. Building a pc now can be a very hard thing to do . I sold my old pc in October last year and immediately started buying parts to build a new ( better one ) that wasn't finished ( functional more than finished ) till only a couple weeks ago . Gpus nowhere to be found or paying up to 300% msrp won't make it worth it .
  3. Cpu temps are normal and load doesn't go above 60% depending on resolution I play on . The pc was planned with the update in mind since the begging. I actually hoped I'll be able to get one of the new series cpus on lunch without luck though so I went and bought this one till I can upgrade later . With the clock improvement and ipc improvement I just hope I won't run into similar issues after
  4. I mostly play assassin's creed valhalla and apex legends . Apex legens on a 1080p 144hz monitor and assassin's creed on a TV with 60hz refresh rate at 1440p. Monitor is g-sync compatible. For example when I play valhalla on the monitor although the msi afterburner doesn't record it the in game benchmark does - frame drops from like 70 avg down to 11 or 12 for a split second. Same with apex legends . Stays at 142 as I capped the frames there but it feels stuttery and jitters sometimes
  5. Hi guys. Hopefully someone will be able to help me with the microstutter issues I encounter every time I try to play a game Specs : - ryzen 7 2700x - rog strix x570-e - corsair Vengeance rgb 16 gb 3600 mhz - rtx 3070 fe - sabrent rocket nvme ssd What I tried so far : - sata / ide drivers - power plan settings - memory optimiser for ryzen - precision boost overdrive - deactivating windowsgamer these were the potential fixes I found info , videos on and none of them worked Any ideas ?