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  1. Thank you for your quick response, after not being able to find proper info I just assumed I should just plug them into the fan header, and when I turned on the pc they lit up so I guess I can prolly change the color in bios maybe, but thanks again
  2. Hello I just am doing the final cable management on my build and originally I had thought this case came with a rgb controller but I guess not it has a led button on the case but no controller to hook into and in the manual it looks like that only came with the msi gungnir 110r, and this is the 110m, anyways I have searched and searched and can't find info on where I plug this into.. I would assume they go into the jrgb 4 pin, but it makes no sense to me that they only have a single 3 pin... will I be able to control the speed in the jrgb header? Or do I just out these in the fan header and fo
  3. Thanks the first clerk at memory express made it seem like the next gpu literally would be useless in gen 3, and I tried my hardest to wiggle my budget around, even half stressed myself out trying to figure out if it was a need or not, but I had read in the specs about msi's z490 motherboards all being designed with pcie gen 4 capability, meaning the pcie slot x16 were gen 4, the clock generator and the m.2 slot 1 were gen 4 but needed a bios update to be used with the new 11th gen cpu's, and like my build was built around the msi z490 mpg gaming edge, the mpg gungnir 110m and the msi mag core
  4. The borrowing isn't the problem, it's just is it worth it. I will be paying back the difference at the end of the month. And if it turns out one of my components doesn't work I need to find out sooner rather than later
  5. Hello I'm just about to build my first pc here hopefully on Tuesday, when my RAM and AIO gst here, but my problem is this. Due to the worldwide gpu shortage, I am going to be using the iGpu, so it makes sense to get the i5 11600k becuae it has the upgraded intel uhd 750 igpu, but I wasn't aware that even tho z490 boards are compatible with 11th gen, they do not have gen 4 pcie, so after making whole build and then going to buy my motherboard and my cpu the store clerk made me aware of this darn flaw.. so now instead of just the extra money upgrading my cpu, I hafto fork out more
  6. If your spending that much on everything atleast go with a 80+ gold psu, also your not going to see the rgb in your powersupply really so its one thing u can kind of for go, https://www.amazon.com/CORSAIR-RM750x-Certified-Modular-Supply/dp/B079HGN5QS/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=corsair+750x&qid=1618081391&sr=8-1 also your ssd in the reviews on Amazon it says it runs really hot, and in order to get the best read write speeds you hafto turn the rgb to minimum.. so if your fine with that then go with what u picked, its read/write speeds are pretty decent
  7. Yup I know, about the z590's, I looked at them aswell. I've pretty well price matched every z490/z590 board and since I've heard just such bad things about gigabytes customer service I've decided just to stay away from them entirely, but yah so the only other boards that are cheaper than the board I picked, are the Asus z490 prime, and the msi z490-a pro/590-a pro. And the Msi Mpg Gaming Plus, well ones that in all the reviews I watched and read had decent enough vrms, and had everything I wanted.. Also whats cheap in the US isn't always cheap here, like your motherboard is curren
  8. I looked at the i5 11600k aswell, because it is a bit better than the i5 10600k, and it has the upgraded igpu, until I get my gpu, whenever that is.. lol maybe never!! haha, but the i7 11700k is about 50 bucks more for additional cores, so I thought maybe that would be the better buy, I'm going to check them out on benchmark here.
  9. I went with the z490, just so I could overclock, Also I don't need the second pcie x16 on the z590 but yah I've looked at them aswell. My motherboard is $279 Cad, and that nvme is currently $89.99 Cad, I looked into buying sata and the prices were so minimal I'd didn't seem worth it. Like save 9 dollars.. and I also plan on buying an additional nvme or sata drive later this is just so I can get it home and get it built.. if u can find me a cheaper sata in Cad il check it out. Thanks
  10. I will edit my original post in a sec here with the Cad Prices. and yah I had went with a barebones machine pretty much no rgb, Msi z490 a pro, Corsair 275r airflow case, and I posted it on reddit and the first thing someone said was u could do better on the case, but I got such conflicting info and none of it was really helpful so I redid my build and once it was done it was only like $200 more with parts I liked better anyways.. but since then everything I've picked has went up in price. I wanted to buy everything from newegg but il prolly hafto shop around for the lowest prices now..
  11. Hello, first time builder here, super excited to get all my parts here so I can start putting it together, I have been researching for about 6 months and saved up while I was doing so.. Since it's next to impossible to find a GPU atm and well my budget doesn't allow for it yet anyways il be using the integrated graphics until it's reasonable to buy either a 3060ti or a 3070. (Currently using a dual core laptop, i5 480m with igpu atm so il be fine Also since il just be gaming anyways is it really worth the extra $140ish Cad for the i7 10700K? Also I plan on OC to 5ghz