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  1. I know problems of the 4000H series Bravo 15 so I can't believe in MSI. In addition what can I buy, I don't know These are some laptops and prices in my country. Asus Tuf Gaming F15 Fx506lu 10300h/1660ti/8gb/1tb ssd/144hz about 1050 dollars Acer Nitro 5 4600h/1650/16/512/144hz about 970 dollars I don't know what laptop should I buy...
  2. Hello from Turkey. https://www.amazon.com.tr/MSI-BRAVO-15-B5DD-022XTR-Bilgisayar/dp/B095SWW41X/ref=sr_1_24?dchild=1&pd_rd_r=cb682929-9a71-4fd5-a658-0772a7c8f78f&pd_rd_w=Emrwp&pd_rd_wg=KG2l2&pf_rd_p=eabaa1cf-eca5-4da6-9b3b-8514b81f07f9&pf_rd_r=A2V6N2017X9YWA1F107G&qid=1624222824&refinements=p_n_specials_match%3A21618252031&s=computers&smid=A1UNQM1SR2CHM&sr=1-24 Do you know something about New Bravo gaming laptop ? It has 1050-1100 dollars and specs: 5600H / 5500M / 8 / 512 Do you recommend this laptop ?
  3. Hi I'm from Turkey and I am searching a gaming laptop for Computer Engineering at the University also gaming. I wondered about the MSI Bravo 15. BRAVO 15 A4DDR-243XTR AMD Ryzen 7 4800H 8GB 512GB SSD 4GB RX5500M 144Hz This laptop has a price that 1050$ Firstly do you know is there any common problem with this laptop ? Does it make sense to buy ? Secondly I don't have clear idea about AMD Mobile GPUs. Which Nvidia Gpu is equal 5500M ? 1650Ti or 1660Ti Max-q or 1660Ti ? Actually 1660Ti laptops prices are starting with 1150-1200$ So I can't buy them but I am wondered 5500m can b
  4. Budget (including currency): 4300Ge- 16gb ram Country: Turkey Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Some software apps within Pthyon, Java etc. Also playable low preset " witcher3, battlefield 5, cod, bdo, fh4 etc." with igpu Other details What can support 4300ge as gpu ? For example 1650super or 1660super or 2060 ? I wondered about its equal cpu. 4300ge can be strong as well as ryzen 3100 ? If I buy it, i will use with igpu by the time no chip problems. System details; CPU: Ryzen 3 4300GE MB: ASUS B450M-K II RAM
  5. I know and agree with you. I am planning buy 11th i5 gaming laptop but not yet because i save up money so i might can buy june-august. Also i will be glad if i get 30 fps with 720p low preset on games which are i said. It is enough for me if it can run Black desert online.
  6. Hello guys. q9400 4×2 gb ddr3 1333mhz ram gt1030 gddr5 this combo can run some current games ? i mean for 768p low settings. Like witcher 3, black desert online, Hello guys. q9400 4×2 gb ddr3 1333mhz ram gt1030 gddr5 this combo can run some current games ? i mean for 768p low settings. Like witcher 3, black desert online, forza horizon4, battefield series, ac series, cod series, ets2, r6s.. especially i want to play black desert online and forza horizon 4.
  7. Actually my power is not safer. it is rampage-everest and 300w. 750ti has needing 60w tdp and gt 1030 has needing only 30w tdp. i think my psu doesn't supporting gtx 750 ti. however my gpu now is very low to gt 1030. i am getting only 30-40 fps in cs:go but i watch q9400+gt1030 gives 60+ fps with 4:3 1024*768p very low preset. look at this (1024*768p very low preset its options like me)
  8. I'm sure you must be right normally but second hand gtx 750 ti and new gt 1030 has similar prices are 90-100 dollars.
  9. Hello i have the worst system i guess. this has q9400+8gb ram+ amd radeon hd5450. I am thinking ordering nvidia gt1030 to 90 dollars. Can i run BDO ? Maybe low preset with 768p ? Black desert online system requirements ( minimum ) cpu: intel core i3-550 ram: 4gb gpu: gts 250, Geforce 9800 gtx, radeon hd 3870 xII What do you think guys ?
  10. Series S is 500$ One X is 500$ They're both close to the same price, but I didn't know which would make more sense. There are also those who sell One X, a display product at a local online sales firm I trust, for$370. I was planning to buy it because it's cheap, but I can get a Series S now. But because of the exchange rates, microsoft wants to keep gamepass fees too much in my country. Live Gold$3.5 Game Pass$3.5 Game Pass Ultimate$5.5 about costs. So I want to buy a Series s and play games with Game Pass Ultimate with sufficient performance until compu
  11. Guys, I am planning buy 2K monitor but I have 1920*1080p now, it is a trouble ? Can I use Xbox Series S now with my monitor ?
  12. Overall according to your said Series S is better choice than One X. I wish Series S has had 1Tb
  13. Microsoft offer less cost because 1$=8,2₺ if Gamepass ultimate is 15$ anyone don't buy this.
  14. No series x. I talk about series s and one x
  15. I have an old computer. Actually I would like to buy PC but there aren't PC in my country.