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  1. Hi CPU core usage is very stable and doesn't go down or up in correlation with the GPU going down on GPUZ
  2. sorry about not being precise I was kinda multitasking at the time and sorry about this reply being so late needed to relax before I blew a casket 1. the gpu never reaches 100% in games or doing anything else, gaming is the most stressful thing I do on this pc 2. when task manager was telling me 50% so was MSI afterburner, GPUZ reported that GPU usage went from 100% down to 0% every few seconds so did AMD adrenaline 3. Some Game's run fine with a hitch here and there but these are ultimately rare I'm just wondering if all of these programs are misreading the card or am
  3. the GPU has been doing that for months my games are running fine but I'm wondering if I'm leaving performance on the table since in minecraft the framerates go wayyy down
  4. Built them straight in but they work fine Intel I5-10600KF @4.80ghz 120mm liquid cooler Gigabyte Z-490a pro 80+ Gold Gigabyte 750w gpu 960gb pny ssd
  5. IDK the ones before but I think it was pre-adrenaline no don't even know what DDU is
  6. That's the problem AMD, and GPUZ report 95% usage then 0% while everything else gives a stable 50
  7. When using GPUZ it reports the same usage info as AMD adrenaline or MSI afterburner peaks of 95% and then it dips to 0 The person who used the GPU before me (My brother) said it never had this problem I don't know if all of the read's are miss read but that's why I created this to finally get some answers to this
  8. After upgrading my build it seems like my GPU is the one at fault but it could be the drivers since this is a rx 480 All of the part's except my GPU where upgraded so most of my hardware isn't the problem If you need anything to help just ask and I'll post
  9. I'm gonna buy a cpu cooler because I want to do slight bits of overclocking if I can afford a z series board
  10. to be honest I have a lot of junk on my SSD and a format would be alright since I can pull everything important and put it on my HDD to take it to my next windows install
  11. yeah I know that, the main reason I'm going for the 10600kf is that it's cheaper than the non-KF but hopefully if I have enough money spare I'll be going z490 since I'll want a small overclock since this chip has a reported 4.8GHz boost clock
  12. Currently it's gonna be a 10600kf with ether a b460 or z490 Motherboard depending on if I can afford it PNY 960gb sata ssd Rx 480 750w Gold rated Gigabyte psu In the future I am planning to upgrade to a 3060ti or 3060
  13. Thanks for the fast response Is there anything else you would suggest or is that it?
  14. I'm switching from an AMD Fx 8350 to a Intel 10600KF Everything in my PC except the GPU and Storage will be swapped out. Will I need to reinstall windows or will I be alright keeping my current install? What will I need to do?
  15. I already have an SSD, a SATA one But it's good enough
  16. I'm upgrading to a 10600KF Because I'm planning to upgrade to a 3060ti when they get to MSRP because this upgrade is prep for that upgrade
  17. also to be clear on the type of games I play, The Division 2, HOI4, Star wars Battlefront 2
  18. I've already told you my GPU it's an RX 480 Any game I play I measured usage on Task Manager I Can't see the Individual threads but overall it goes too 100% Thanks for responding so fast
  19. Whenever I'm gaming my GPU only get's up to 40% usage I think its a bottle cap because my CPU is a AMD FX 8350 @ 4.0 GHz while my GPU is a RX 480 I'm planning to upgrade almost all my build except the GPU until they go down to MSRP Do you guy's agree or do you think there's another issue?