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  1. 12 minutes ago, Kisai said:


    Why would you get vac banned from using a program that isn't using VAC ?


    1. regardless if you had the legal right to run the game, the emulators have been largely stable for years.

    2. emulators don't read outside their memory space, cheat tools do.


    If you didn't get the emulator from the developer's site  ( https://sourceforge.net/projects/vba/files/VisualBoyAdvance/1.7.2/ ) which is from 2004, then you can't trust the download. 


    Hey, thanks for answering, the reason i reach out to the forum is because i do not know all of the information given is. I downloaded both the emulator and Roms from <redacted by staff> (i see my links provided is taken away, so sorry if that isnt allowed im new so i dont know whats allowed and not, yes i can read the terms of service and rules but all i want is to know what to do i dont want to cause any harm in any way, and since i dont know much about emulators, roms and vac in it self i get a little worried that my account can get banned for without me using an external program or cheating software. I have watched many videos regarding vac and searched and read many forums and they all have the same answer "do not cheat" and i havent done that but no one can give an clear answer to what triggers the vac automated system and what is not activating it. And since VAC is as quoted "VAC bans are permanent, non-negotiable, and cannot be removed by Steam Support." 

  2. Hello, I am a bit stressed because of my PC behaving weird after i downloaded the Visualboyadvance to my pc to play Pokemon Fire Red. The main reason im writing this is because of lack of answers on the steam vac forums and guidelines (or more missleading?). I downloaded the Visual Boy ADVANCE from the link provided below and it seemed safe but since my bitdefender subscription had run out i could not check it with the local virus scan. 


    I have an csgo inventory which has some expensive items and especially expensive kniife and i am very scared it can get vac banned due to the wierd behavior my pc is experiencing after i post this i am going to reset my pc and delete everything on it. I have heard from a friend that he has han no issues with this ever but the forums say all sort of different things? Thanks for all the answers they are much appreciated! -Ennis




    <redacted by staff>