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  1. Thanks for your replies, folks! Visually it doesn't annoy me too much. I'm more concerned about how that soft-tubing will handle the heat with moderate use. This machine is my daily driver so - at the very least - I game, I produce content (audio/video). Ideally, I'd like to mine with it too but, I stopped Nicehash when it pushed the VRAM to 100C (which was pretty quick). I can't imagine the soft-tubing would be able to withstand directly contact with 100C, right? Update: After a couple of hours of Cyberpunk and max settings, temp hit up to 84C
  2. Hi Everyone, First up, thank you very much for taking the time to review my post. I just picked up my new Maingear system today with a custom loop preinstalled. I'm a little concerned that one of the tubes is resting on the backside of the RTX 3090. Even if just used it for gaming and I didn't want to mine crypto (which I do - with NiceHash), I know that the VRAM can get quite toasty. If this were a build that you purchased, would you try to have them to re-loop it so that it doesn't rest on the GPU the way this does? Thanks, - E