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  1. I used to be looking for any chairs with roughly your same budget 2 years ago which did not have to be gaming and well the only chair that ended up working for me was this one https://www.costco.com/bayside-furnishings-metrex-iv-mesh-office-chair.product.100522611.html It was cheap and on discount so I went with it. I understand it's not what your looking for but it might be something to fall back on if you continue not being able to find anything.
  2. The point of having chapters in tutorial videos is that I know what is said where. Really fast I can get to juice of the video. The TechLinked channel does have chapters to separate news articles and the sponsor/QUICK BITS. The chapters are put their so that you can if you want be selective in what you want to know about and don't. The LTT videos are videos that cover one topic everything is all synced in that you have to watch the first part of the video to understand the middle or end of the video. I love chapters and some time I can save. I just think LTT videos were
  3. Here is document I made during the last couple of months which has all kinds of open source and free software. Maybe it might help someone I obviously don't use all of these programs. Computer Programs: BROWSER: Brave Mozila Firefox ESENTIALS: 1st Tear: Offic Suite: LibreOffice sweet Note Taking: Notepad++ or CherryTree Video Player: VLC Media Player Music Player: DeaD Beef Photo Viewer: ImageGlass Email Client: Thunder Bird Proton Mail for secure email Temp Email for sighning up for garb
  4. What are your guy's favorite software. Excluding your web browser because that's kind of generic. My favorite software as of now is Blender.
  5. I think the strategy would be having a REALLY reliable small camera and have it at the lowest quality possible. I don't know how important it is to have sounds. Then you need a lot of SPACE like others have pointed out. My geuss would be to compress all that video + audio. But how useful would doing this be. The files are not named/time stamped so how can you look at important moments? I don't know how useful these would be except for you. Would your grandkids want to see your life?
  6. I would geuss their are a lot the GPU's because they just pay for themselves. Isn't it hard to maintain all the GPU's though?
  7. Fire up ubuntu on a old laptop. What your looking at buying I would say is a bit much. Does your grandpa really notice the difference between 720 and 1080p video? I'm sure my grandparents don't.
  8. Isn't LTT loosing content if they get a new Apple channel? Like instead of reviewing the hot new iPhone 21 (Get it because it's the year 2021) they need to put it on this dedicated Apple channel. Or would they do a review on the main channel and then possibly on the apple channel do a "Using iPhone 21 Everyday 2 Months Later!".
  9. It's definitely difficult to make one person access the computer directly and another person access it remotely. It's pretty easy to have multiple accounts on one computer (Linux or Windows) and have the users access it in person. You could look at the LTT video where they used a program called parsec to access their workstations at the office from home: But unfortunately that video shows that it's not all shining stars when remote accessing stuff. I mean I understand it's convenience that your friend/collage/family can access your computer from ANYWHERE! But in my
  10. Doesn't his clients or the place he works not want him to use software and hardware that's worthless (In what it can do.). Your dad must get complaints. Hardware is cheap, software isn't free but still not that expensive. He definitely does not know how to use them but that's the price he has to pay not upgrading for so many years.
  11. Wait I just had a idea, photoshop was a bad time but what about doing some 3D work?
  12. Maybe you guys could of tried running an older version of gimp on older hardware? Just to see how it performs. This was definitely a fun video though!
  13. I don't really play games but I can still say stuff about this topic. Let's shove Nintendo out of this topic for a second. So their are thousands of games being published all the time. I would say if your a game developer most likely you want to publish your games for PC and then later worry about their game getting on console. Most likely a lot of your games you play are on pc. Consoles are very special in their game collection excluding xbox/microsoft. They make games that can only be played on that console. So you might get lucky and find games that are fun, interesting an
  14. How would you hear the music if your in the shower. At less you bring a speaker. I'm the kind of outragous person that has his volume at the lowest setting, his brightness all the way down (on the phone at least).