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  1. [1.263,05€ 35% OFF]ThundeRobot 911 Plus 17,3 ιντσών Intel i7-10870H NVIDIA RTX3060 16GB RAM 512GB NVMe SSD 144Hz Backlit Gaming Laptop για LOL GTA5 Genshin PUGA COD CS GO Battlefield V Φορητοί υπολογιστές και Netbooks from Υπολογιστές & γραφείο on banggood https://banggood.app.link/ZyQ5t9ravfb I found this laptop on bangood. It is really good. What do tou think? Should i go for it?
  2. I found msi gp66 very good specs. Rtx 3060 i7 etc. But it is exensive. 1800 euros sale from 2000.
  3. Well the price point is great. 1600 euros. However there are no pieces left to buy at any store in my country. Well it is perfect, however i read that the thermals are not good. I was suggested to buy something from the lenovo legion series. So i don't know .
  4. I believe i found a similar and even better too. Laptop Asus TUF Gaming A15 15.6" (AMD Ryzen 7-5800H/16GB/1TB SSD/NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 6GB )FA506QM-HN005T. What do you think?
  5. Hello. It is time to change my old laptop and go for something competitive for these days. I saw a few laptops. My budget is 1000-2000. No more than 2000. I look for a good laptop. Should i buy an rtx2070 laptop or a 3060 one? I found q good laptop which is this : Dell G7 15 7500 (i7-10750H/16GB/1TB SSD/RTX 2070 Max-Q 8GB) Win 10, 15.6" OLED UHD (4K). However i was told that i should get a 1080p or 1440p one with high refresh rate. I really need a good one. I also live in Europe so i want something that i can get from here. However if you find a good priced one from another continent let me kn
  6. Thank you very much you cleared some questions. I love g14 but it is too small for me sadly.
  7. Thank you very much. Which 1080p laptop did you buy?? And maybe can you suggest me a good one for gaming( with rtx if possible)
  8. Yeah you answered me. So if it was to choose between 1080p 120hz and 4k 60hz you would choose 1080p? But will 1080p satisfy me for 5 years? Because i took a 720p laptop 3 years before and i have to say that i don't like it now. Well of course if it had better specs 720 p at ultra would be fine
  9. What's the company who has better thermals at these price? And even better if you can tell me specific series such as zephyrus?
  10. So 1080 and high refresh rate is better than 4k?? But in some years 3 for example won't 1080p be old?? Like how 720p is for us now?
  11. Yeah i know it but the 14inch prevents me. I want 15.6. And if it is 17 still better. Can you suggest a 15.6 or 17 that whould do my job??