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  1. I never had one in the front, I just changed to this new cooler, before I had a very bad cooler that wasn't cooling my cpu properly, before it idled at 70~ degreens, now it does at 40-50. I guess you can call this still unideal, but on load it never goes past 80 degrees, so cooling is fine, I just posted this in case there was a problem there that I was not noticing
  2. I had 1 500gb ssd, and 1 1tb hard drive, but I was in need of more drive space, so I found 2 1tb hard drives that work, so I put them on the pc, and all of a sudden I started seeing problems, gears 5 and star wars squadron (wich are installed on the hard drive that was already there) would not boot, the pc would turn of whenever I clicked on them, on flight sim 2020, wich is installed on the SSD, the game started showing a lot more pop in, and things just wouldn't load in time, polygonic trees, and houses wouldnt show up a lot more often than before. Also CPU usage (ryzen 7 5800x) seems to be
  3. it worked fine, and I've used the battery for quite a few hours and it holds up quite well, probably wont last as long as a new battery, but it at least lasts long enough that its perfectly usable
  4. the g29 is around the price that I want, thats why I said relativly cheap, would the g29 work for fllight sim? And if so, how?
  5. I've been playing a lot of microsoft flight sim 2020 lately, and I wanted to buy a flight stick, or those wheels, but they are expensive, and pretty much only work on this one game is there a racing wheel setup that is relativly cheap and would also work for flying planes?
  6. thx, plugging it in rn, wish me luck!
  7. I just found a battery for xbox one controller that has been unused, since, probably since 2013 when the console released, I'm thinking of charging it, could it blow up and stuf? considering that it has been empty for 8ish years?
  8. never seen a wireless charging headphone
  9. I recently bought the corsair hs75 xb to use in my pc, together with the xbox to pc adaptor, and it has been working great, only problem I've had with it, is that when the battery uncharges, it takes quite some time to charge, and I can only charge it while the PC is on, so I thought of using one of these (picture 1) to plug it in directly on the wall, and leave it charging over night, since it uses a USB plug, just like the headset charging cable. Do you think its a good idea? Can I break the headset with that?
  10. I plan on changing that GPU, currently, that RX 570 is easy to cool, since it is an RX 570 lol, and it also won't benefit from the fan on top as you said, but I plan on putting a 3070 in there, when I do that I'll try the fan on top to see if the temps go down thank you for the tips
  11. There are a few things I didn't understand about your comment, first, what exactly is a push push and a pull pull? You talked about moving a fan to the top front, I actually have an extra fan to put there, I have 3 extra fans actually lol, would that change anything about what you said? Also I'm pretty sure the rear fan moves less air than the ones on the CPU heatsink, since its a much cheaper fan. edit: I forgot to say that the fan connected to the heatsink is a 140mm fan, while the reer case fan is 120mm, so it won't fit in the reer of the case as you suggested
  12. I recently bought a new cooler for my 5800x, its the Assassin 3 cooler, a big tower one with 2 fans, and unluckly for me, it couldn't fit, there is one fan that stays in the middle of the 2 towers, and the other one would hit the memory, but I noticed that if I put the secound fan in the other side, towards the back of the case, of course I made sure that that fan would now be turned backwards so that the airflow still goes the correct way, than it would fit, but that left me with 2 fans, the secound CPU fan, and the back Chasi fan almost touching each other, and that got me wondering, is that
  13. I just installed my new cooler, I picked the assassin 3 one, all my problems are gone lol, just ran cinebench r20 for 30 minutes, max temp it got was 82, and the frequency was maxed out at 4.8Ghz most of the time, thank you!
  14. Arctic Freezer 50: Couldn't find it, only on foreign websites, and on those it'll cost a fortune to import to brazil lol Scythe Fuma 2: Very cheap, 380R$, it looks a little cheap, is it good? Dark Rock Pro 4: 956R$ Deepcool Assassin 3: 630R$, I know its dumb to judge by looks, but this one looks awesome lol, but I'm kinda worried it might not fit? It has a 140mm fan, i'll have to check if it does