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    Ryzen 5 3600
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    HyperX 16GB DDR4 2666MHz CL16
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    ASROCK Radeon RX 5600 XT Challenger D 6G OC, Asus RX 580 8GB Dual, AMD RX Vega 64 MSI IRON 8GB
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    1TB WD Blue, 1TB Apacer SSD, 1TB Seagate HDD
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    Lenovo Yoga C740-14IML

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  1. Do you think that the problem is the BIOS?
  2. I tried to flash the bios (twice, no effect, now I tried to flash different bios -https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/196181/msi-rxvega64-8192-170730 but i got this ansver in CMD- Old SSID: 0B36 New SSID: 0B36 BIOS authentication signature mismatched ERROR: 0FL01
  3. What troubleshooting do you recommend? I will try older drivers. The card is properly socketed and yes the power is securely connected. No i didnt tried a different OS.
  4. Hello, I know i made a topic about this two days ago, but I still hope there is someone that will help me. I bought MSI RADEON RX VEGA 64 IRON 8GB and It only says: "Windows has stopped this device because it reported problems. (error 43). I am using RX 5600 XT as a video-output, because the VEGA is stopped. Any tips what the issue could be? Mabye bios? Is it dead forever? What should I try? Any help is appreciated.
  5. SLAVAcz


  6. I am not sure how to find the right one.
  7. I am using RX 5600 XT as my display GPU
  8. Hi guys, I Just bought MSI RADEON RX VEGA 64 that shows error 43. Do you have any tips and tricks? I tried to flash the bios but i probably flashed a wrong one (nothing happened after the biosflash).
  9. I have this CPU and i needed to change the stock cooler asap. (I even used new thermalpaste after a week). I mean, it can handle it, but mine CPU was really hot.
  10. Well I bought it like 2 or 3 years ago when I didnt know much about PCs. And everyone was like "Corsairs are the best, every other PSUs suck,..." So it probably stayed with me to this day
  11. Im from czech republic and i can get dozens of them just in my near shop. Acutally didnt know that its a problem to get CPU nowadays...
  12. Oh, well Im from Europe and the only problem here is with GPUs and PSUs.