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  1. Hey guys, I'm looking to get a hard drive enclosure as well as some decent hard drives. Basically I want it to be set up in RAID and have it separated into two different sections. Section one will be where I directly put stuff into, and section two will be a clone of section one in case of hard drive failure or anything else that could go wrong. I'm looking to use about 4 to 6 drives total for this, as I will be the only one using it. I don't really want to get a NAS because I just want it to function like normal external storage via USB or perhaps even ethernet.
  2. Took out CPU and discovered there was one bent pin Everything is back to normal. solved, officially
  3. Yeah probably a good idea, I just hate having to direct programs to be installed in various places. I guess I could get a WD Black 250GB m.2 drive for my OS since they're pretty cheap.
  4. Yeah, I didn't reinstall my OS when I upgraded my board. I am overdue for one, I am just sort of dreading it because of all the prep and organizing I have to do lol
  5. I'll try reseating my CPU and applying new thermal paste. I'm fairly sure none got under but I'll double check to be sure. While I'm posting, here's what CPU-Z says. I'm not sure exactly what I'm looking at, but it detects all 16GB of my RAM.
  6. Just upgraded my RAM to something that's on the QVL list for my board and it's still listing 8.1GB as hardware reserved
  7. Update 2: Just checked the original thread I was on again and my RAM isn't in the QVL for my motherboard. EDIT: This was not the case
  8. Update: Just flashed my BIOS, still nothing.
  9. I am not but if it can cause this issue, then I'm gonna go ahead and flash my bios
  10. In the BIOS it says 8GB, but on the "board explorer" it detects that both slots are occupied. I just tried using slots 1 and 3 and it still shows 8.1GB set to "hardware reserved" Maybe there's something I'm missing in MSI's BIOS options but I'm not sure.
  11. Just tried cleaning both ram and reseating, and it's still detecting 8.1GB in hardware reserved. I tried each stick independently in DIMM2 and it booted up just fine, detected the correct amount of RAM. Just for shits and giggles I tried booting with only DIMM4 and unsurprisingly it didn't boot. I'm wondering if maybe something is up in the BIOS? Or maybe I should flash my BIOS as I'm still using the default that my B550 MAG came with.
  12. MOBO: MSI B550 Mag Tomahawk CPU: Ryzen 1700X (default clock speed) RAM: 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 2666 Corsair Vengeance LED GPU: Sapphire Radeon 5700XT NITRO+ The newest item is my motherboard. I couldn't tell you if my RAM issues started when I put the motherboard in or more recently when I switched out all my case fans and did some cable management. I only noticed it when I looked down yesterday and saw one of my RAM sticks wasn't lit up. I opened up task manager to see that indeed only 8GB was available. I took them out, swapped them, and turned my pc back on. Both sticks were lit, but