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  1. Hello guys, today i removed my gpu to clean it and after installing it again i started having audio problems. Basically, even if i'm not playing any sound there will be very bad....i dont even know how to call it, interference, pops, i really dont know basically its a lot of eletrical sounds. Now, i really dont know what's causing that. Dosnt matter what headset or device im using, dosnt matter in waht port they are plugged in, the sound is always there, and when i decide to play a video or play a game, nothing changes...i can't hear nothing about what im playing and just hear t
  2. yeah thats what i thought, thanks for the help guys
  3. i think just go for 1 stick 16gb, difference is probably minimal or everyday use
  4. Hello guys, i wanted to ask you if you knew a place to buy used gpu for a reasonable price, without paying 3x(release price) for a used, 6 years old gpu. Ofc i know hte situation but maybe someone knows.....idk....im desperate with my gt710 that i bouth just to display, feel bad man. Maybe in 2-3 months i can sell the gt710 for 200$ who knows :)