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  • CPU
    I5 10600k
  • Motherboard
    MSI Z490 gaming edge wifi
  • RAM
    2x8gb 3200 MHz crucial Ballistix RGB ram
  • GPU
    EVGA 1070 ti blower style
  • Case
    H510 Elite
  • Storage
    Sandisk 1 tb nvme ssd, Kingston 500gb ssd
  • PSU
    Power spec 650watt semi-modular
  • Cooling
    CPU NZXT Kraken x63 AIO, 2 front intake fans and 2 read exhaust fans one on back top of case and one one back of case

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  1. Im more looking for software and rgb compatability and how well they work
  2. I have a msi z490 gaming edge wifi which has rgb built in and was using mystic light for the software, and the cam software was for my case fans and rgb strips. Also I’m using a 10600k so with that any suggestions on software for all that.
  3. So currently I have 3200mhz of crucial ballistix rgb ram 2x8gb kit and the MOD software sucks and works so poorly that I’m gonna return them to micro center. The question is for 110$ Do I get Corsair vengeance pro rgb or trident z rgb both the same price and speeds. What’s overall better, has better support, better software, and overall looks the best with design and rgb. Also I have mystic light and NZXT cam software running for rgb lighting for case lights and fan aswell as the motherboard so if the rams software still works with those running or will run on the software i listed that would
  4. For atleast a motherboard look at Amazon refurbished, I got an msi z490 gaming edge wifi motherboard for 100 bucks USD when it brand new would of been 220USD. Haven’t had any problems with it and it still was in original packaging and still had peels for glossy parts still on from factory. Also had a friend who told me about this do it for two motherboards for ryzen and had just as good of luck, mainly just waiting it out to see when they have a good deal.
  5. So i cant get my MOD software for crucial ballistix ram, it sometimes works when I first load up my pc but only if I’m Lucky and after that I cant even edit the color. I kinda need to atleast have NZXT cam open to control my case fans and lights so what should I do.
  6. The xmp profile is enabled, I have a lot of people saying not to overclock my ram and that it wont change performance on intel
  7. I have a 2x8gb kit of 3200mhz cl16 ram crucial ballistix rgb ram and am using an i5 10600k and wanted to know whats a good overclocking setup for the ram, currently using msi dragon center to overclock ram since I've got an msi motherboard but also could use bios.
  8. I've changed out the thermal paste which helped by a bit the old thermal paste job looked really bad. Wondering if its a good idea to just go water cooling with like an aio or something.
  9. So I’ve got a 1070ti blower style and were getting temps upwards of 84C with it throttling their for the safety of the card. I have two extra 140mm fans from my AIO I never used and were wondering if theirs a way I could use those to help lower temps included are two picks, one being the pc and the other being the pc with the 2 extra fans. When I added the extra fans blowing air at the gpus fan and one blowing through the back of the GPU radiator looking part inside the cae it lowered the temps to 82-83C and it wasn’t throttling anymore or at least not as bad. Any ideas on how to make it bette
  10. Thanks, I’m really only gonna be doing moderate overclocking nothing to crazy with i5 10600k
  11. Budget (including currency): about 750$ Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: most triple a titles, games like COD Cold War, Siege, Minecraft other games like that Other details (existing parts lists, whether any peripherals are needed, what you're upgrading from, when you're going to buy, what resolution and refresh rate you want to play at, etc): I'm building my first ever PC and was wanting some tips, hence coming to the Linus ''tech tips'' forums. Currently have this build in mind, am open to ideas on it beastmode262005 - Saved Part Lists - PCPartPicker