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  1. hey i made a minecraft server with my friends and for some reason after like sometimes its hours sometimes its minutes it just crashing my network but only on my pc if anyone knows a solution for that please help.
  2. does anyone can help me fix my warzone i have rtx 3070 with i7 10700k and prime z490 a and 16 GB of RAM that shouldnt do any problems in any game. but for some reason my game always freeze after couple of minutes playing and crashes it say in a msg really fast directx error something idk it shut down really fast the error msg i know its not alot to go on but if someone can help me i would i appreciate.
  3. omg i found a solution for that for anyone who need to see this i just download the intel 1225v version and its fine now so if you needed to see this please do it
  4. Hey guys I bought a computer like 2 weeks ago and I had to install all the drivers by my own and i have a cable ethernet so i get better internet connection because i dont have wifi but every single time that i restart or start my computer it says ethernet cable unplugged. i found an easy solution but its not ideal i go to my network setting and i disable my network and enabling it again but if someone knows how to fix it please let me know. My Specs: asus prime z490 a geforce asus dual rtx 3070 i7 10700k 16 Gb of RAM dual channel NH-U12S Cooler master mw