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  1. I tried looking for the fan curve in the bios, but it is a very old one with support until 2011 and it doesn't let me edit it. I can choose between my CPU fan cooler disabled or at its highest rpm
  2. Hey guys, I decided to clean my old pc today. I built it around 2009/2010 and its specs are a bit old. These are my pc specs: - Asus M2N68-AM SE2 Motherboard - AMD Athlon II X2 245 CPU - 2x2gb gigabytes of ram by Corsair (800 Mhz) - No GPU atm as I sold it a couple of years ago to a friend of mine, but it has an on board integrated GPU (Nvidia GeForce 7025) - 500 W power supply (i dont know the brand since the label is faded, but it came with the case at the time) - 2 80 gb HDD by maxtor - 1 80 gb ssd (no brand) I cleared the mobo and after that i
  3. got a msi vigor gk30 keyboard, used it only in steady color and then switched to a classic dell keyboard cause the rgb one was giving me headaches when I used it during the night (and I basically sold it for the same price that I bought it). I would still recommend it tho cause it's a pretty solid one and has a very nice touch to it, but overall I'm not really a rgb guy so in retrospect I didnt get to fully enjoy it mainly because of personal preference. Idk I find rgb focused builds to be a bit tacky. I can appreciate like a rgb cpu cooler or some rgb ram sticks, but when the whole build
  4. I'm going to divide my answer in sections so maybe it is easier to read! ----- debian based os ----- If you're a linux beginner I would suggest as well to start with Ubuntu / Ubuntu based OS. Ubuntu has different flavors and you can check them on their website (I have tried Kubuntu and Xubuntu and I both loved them); there's Linux Mint (which is basically "ubuntu but tweaked") and it is another good distro, it's pretty similar to win10 and a lot of people seem to enjoy it more than Ubuntu. Imho it's okay, but I've had quite few issues with it, especially with battery draining. It is
  5. every system is bound to bottleneck over time, one way or another. if you an old gen cpu with a new gen middle range graphics card, you can manage the bottleneck. if you have a really old cpu with a new top of the line gpu then you should change the cpu, but realistically if you have a strong build to begin with and you want to upgrade it: the bottleneck wont matter that much, cause it can be tweaked. as Haraikomono said: it's just small improvements
  6. BANKS - This Is Not About Us. She is so good and has been defined multiple times as the "female weeknd" (I kinda disagree but that's another topic)
  7. I have a 5th gen iPad (2017 circa) and it's still running just as good as it did when I bought it. The battery life has decreased a bit (it lasts 1 day/1 day and a half), but I basically use it for studying, watching tv shows, reading books and studying. If she's only using it for youtube and facebook and is looking for a smooth experience, I would say: go with the ipad. They are very good tablets, the os has improved a lot and is very user friendly, especially for someone who isnt a "techy" or isnt familiar with PCs/chromebooks. If you get a new gen ipad you can pop an ipad keyboard and it ba
  8. It shouldn't be a problem, you'll just have to deal with the fact that the faster ram will run at the lower timing and that it wouldn't be a dual channel setup anymore, which would result in "slower" performance. You also have a ryzen 7 2700x, which can take up to 128gb of ram (theoretically), but they would have to be at a max 2900-3000 Mhz speed. Keep in mind that higher gb ram doesn't mean faster performance, if your CPU can't keep up with it. Maxing out all the slots with this kind of setup (i.e 4gb - 8 gb - 4gb - 8gb) would result in a 16/18 gb? ram, but it would be slower than just 2x8gb
  9. Idk the latencies of the two sets of ram, so even though they are from the same brand and with the same Mhz, I would be careful with mixing them. Having two different chips with different timings will force the faster chip to run in slower mode, so it wouldn't really change a thing cause your 2x8gb paired with 2x4gb could potentially just run as the same config that you had before. I would try putting the 2x8gb set in this position: cpu ----- empty slot ---- ram ---- empty slot ----- ram after that (and if the latencies match) you can consider maxing out the slots
  10. Yes. Remember to put the battery back in facing the right way. If I remember correctly your motherboard has the 2 sticks ram placement as: cpu -- empty -- ram -- empty -- ram, it's important to install them this way so you get the maximum out of your perfromance
  11. you can clear the CMOS even without the ram plugged in, it's important that you turn off the PSU switch and remove the cable
  12. What are the specs of the ram? maybe they are not supported by your motherboard. if you go on crucial system scanner it will tell you which ram is the best for your pc and the max capacity that your motherboard can have
  13. Idk if you fried the motherboard, especially with CMOS. Try clearing it again, this time turn off the PSU switch as well. If that doesn't work, maybe clear it from the battery (maybe for a bit more than 5 minutes). I have only cleared my CMOS once on my very old desktop pc (from 2010? 2011?) and the manual required me to basically remove every hardware that was connected to the PSI, turn the power switch off, remove the power cable and then clear it.