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Posts posted by JammedRex

  1. 1 minute ago, curiousmind34 said:

    Confirm that your ram is in the right slots as your motherboard specifies in the manual. Occasionally if they are in the wrong slots they can appear as hardware reserved

    There are in the right slots

  2. Hello can someone help me with my ram, I installed x2 4gb of ram, but only 4 show up and it says the other 4 is h hardware reserved. 

    I already tried going into system configuration and unchecking maximum memory it didn't do anything. 

    Is there any software I can download?

  3. 2 minutes ago, Downkey said:

    What are the prices for the 3600 and 10400f/11400f where you are? The 9400 and 2600 really aren't worth it in 2021 unless they are found at extremely good prices

    Now if there was some weird scenario where you had to buy these 2 2018 CPUS, go with the 2600. Much better platform, RAM ocing, and HT.

    Ok thank you, yeah the 3600 is over $250 that why I was looking into the 2600