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    ever saw a bird ?

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    somewhere on planet neptune
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    typing on a computer and hoping for the best


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    it has 4 corners
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    there are lots of components on it
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    they are very slim
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    does a lot of noise
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    pretty big and heavy
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    its a wonder of nature how these are working
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    a black box that supplies energy
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    its very bright
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    yes, icebergs
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    type type type
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    there are lots of in the room, i think they are watching me
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    whats that

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  1. thank you, i just ordered a rx 560 low profile. hopefully it will be worth it
  2. Budget (including currency): 0 Country: EU Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: apple stuff Other details: Hi, I have some left over Hardware from my last build: ASRock H110M-ITX 8gb DDR4 2133Mhz Intel Pentium G4650 250w psu and a 2he short depth Rackable case Since I havent really done anything Hackintosh stuff to this date I was wondering whether this build would still offer somewhat performance. The Tasks I do on Mac are usally stuff like backend solutions with docker / kubernetes etc. ( I normally
  3. How about: used: i5-7600K, used: Asus B150M Pro or anything similar used/new: 8gb DDR4 2133 ram -> would come to about 230-250€ pretty hefty case for a mid range rig.
  4. Hi, Id like to upgrade my 4 port kvm switch to an 8 port switch. And I was wondering which switch LTT uses in their server room. Help appreciated
  5. Ok Ive been working with IPMI now for 2 days. Its perfect. Never knew that remote management can be so usefull I just wonder whether its possible to use curl to send some commands to it, to automate stuff
  6. never go for a full dual boot, when you are (i assume) still beginning to learn a distro. as @Electronics Wizardy mentioned, start off with a vm
  7. now thats a feature. When I use my Cherry MX-Board 3.0 at work, my colleagues always seem to be interested in me, since they stare at me
  8. Wow, now that looks really nice. 10gbe, 4 slots m.2. never heard of that lineup before. looks really good. though the capacity will be limited depending ont he cost for the ssds.
  9. are there any boards that support hardware nvme raid at all ? I havent heard that yet, some supermicro boards to offer pcie raid but youll need an extension for them, so thats out of the question I guess. But still, hardware raid with 2 m.2 slots on the motherboards would be relly nice i guess I guess the closest but far more expensive way would be to look at intels line of motherboards, and u.2 connectors. they offer direct raid, but the cost is above the clouds
  10. Perfect, welcome to the world of servers Before we beign, please answer folowing Questions: Whats your budget in mind ? What are your views in terms of Power consumption ? What form factor would apply best for your needs ? Will you continuously do upgrades to the Server ?
  11. sure, then id definetly go for one with dram since the price isnt really that much different
  12. in order to choose a suitable psu for your system, follow these 3 steps: tdp rating of cpu and gpu power spike of cpu and specifically the GPU under load the size of your system, how many components
  13. even normal cooling pads wont help the laptop that much. since the system is so compact and the intakes are so small, there is only so much air that can be pushed at once. therefore the temps wont really be that much affected. if you want to see better thermals, clean the inside of your laptop and replace the thermal pastes
  14. in terms of improvement in loading times, you wont feel much of a difference compared to normal 2,5" ssds, but in case of copying/moving stuff around there will be an substantial difference