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  1. Not relavent at all like, but omg you`ve just helped me out just by posting tysm. LMAO
  2. Am having issues with my computer where it just back screens, when the screen goes black the keyboard tuns off (lights) like if I've just shut down the computer. However everything else inside the PC is on and running lights are on and I have no idea why this is happening. This happed before I cleaned the CPU which did have some black residue on the pins, this has only started to happen recently and hasn't happened before until now. This mainly happens when I click on an application like chrome, I've installed the drivers for the GPU put a old GPU in to see if it was my
  3. Hello am trying to OC my computer to 3.9 GHZ but when I change this to 3.9 it black screens and I I to reset the Bois am pretty sure it's a voltage issue BC that's the only thing I've not touched however I don't know what to set that too for the motherboard, I have a Ryzen 7 1700, 950w PSU, 32gb of 3600 MHz ram
  4. after a bit of time has past my ideal temp has leveled off at 24c either my room is that cold which thats probably what it is or my cpu doesnt read correclty my gpu is now at 31c too
  5. Tbh I didn`t believe it either my BIOS and AMD master says 20 C (before OC) (when at ideal) but when I OC a little (3.7ghz) it runs at 28 C I do have my computer close to my window and I have good airflow with my case which is a Thermaltake versa H15. my room tends to be colder than others being described as a hot sleeper so my room is fairly chilly (-2 tonight lamo). A great example of this is my GPU it does use fans and runs a 36 C ideal (we use imperial units) but does generate some coil wine for some reason no idea why not OCing so a little confused about that. My Ram is running at 36
  6. Hello I would like some help tuning my pc I have a Ryzen 7 1700 running at 3.7ghz at the moment (runs at 20c with water cooler), MSI GT 1030 OC edition, a B450m Gaming motherboard from gigabyte, a 950w PSU, 2 hard drives 3.5 in (3TB in total) (one needs data recovering bc accidentally deleted data) and a 128GB m.2 SSD I also have 32GB of ram running in XMP at 3600 MHz (timings – 18-22-22-39-85 1.35v) I have had a look at the Bios had a play around but don`t feel am gett max performance so am ready to just reset the bios (restore default settings) and try tuning everything as best a